Your Parish Councillors are here to help and to represent you. Their contact details are given below:- 

Cllr A Bradshaw

Cllr S Crossley-Resident of Holloway. Tel: 01629 534397. Email:

Cllr J Dennis-Resident of Holloway. Tel: 01629 534077. Email:

Cllr S Farnsworth-Resident of Lower Holloway. Tel 07411 574449. Email:

Cllr A McDonald-Resident of Holloway. Tel: 01629 534606. Email:

Cllr S McKay

Cllr J Stevenson-Resident of Holloway. Tel: 01629 534207. Email:

Cllr P Ward-Resident of Lea Wood. Tel:  07801 860668. Email:

Cllr B Wright-Resident of Holloway. Tel: 01629 534707. Email:

Borough Councillor (Amber Valley Borough Council) Cllr David Taylor – Tel: 01773 550573. Email: 

County Councillor (Derbyshire County Council) Cllr David Taylor – Tel: 01773 550573. Email:

Local MP – Sarah Dines, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA. Tel: 0207 219 3000. Email: